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Duke Edwardsport IGCC Fact Sheet 12-09 Download 12/1/09
Duke Edwardsport IGCC Fact Sheet 3-08 Download 3/1/08
Duke Edwardsport IGCC Fact Sheet 3-10 Download 3/1/10
Duke Edwardsport IGCC Fact Sheet 6-28-10 Download 6/28/10
Duke Edwardsport IGCC Settlement Fact Sheet 10-19-10 Download 10/19/10
Duke Edwardsport IGCC Settlement Fact Sheet 9-20-2010 Download 9/20/10
Duke Edwardsport IURC Ethics Scandal Fact Sheet 11-16-10 Download 11/23/10
Duke Edwardsport Public Poll Download 11/29/12
Duke Edwardsport Public Poll Summary Download 11/29/12
Duke Energy seeks more customer money for Edwardsport despite Governor’s call to investigate regulators' recent Duke decisions \

Duke Energy will be before State regulators...

Download 10/6/10
Duke Energy to Retire Wabash River Coal Units in Settlement \


Download 8/30/13
Duke Energy’s $1.9B Transmission & Distribution Plan and mandatory Smart Meter installation DENIED by the IURC! \






Download 5/8/15
Duke Energy’s recent hirings raise ethics questions \

The recent announcement by Duke...

Download 9/21/10
Duke IGCC Fact Sheet 1-08 Download 1/1/08
Duke IGCC Settlement Fact Sheet Download 1/20/16
Duke's Edwardsport Plant Debacle \






Download 4/25/12
Duke/Vectren Proposed Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle Power Plant: Poor Energy Planning for Indiana Download 3/1/07
Duke’s Edwardsport Boondoggle: Overpaying and Underperforming \


Download 2/2/15
Edwardsport Air Permit Comments to IDEM Download 12/26/07
Edwardsport IGCC 12 & 13: Joint Intervenors Redacted Testimony 12-15-14 Download 12/16/14