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Prairie State Fact Sheet 7-9-12 Download 9/5/12
Vectren Rate Case Fact Sheet 11.6.11 Download 9/27/12
Our latest Indiana Gasification Rockport Plant Fact Sheet Download 11/26/12
The Edwardsport IGCC Plant: A monument to cost overruns, concealment, mismanagement and malfeasance Download 11/29/12
Duke Edwardsport Public Poll Download 11/29/12
Duke Edwardsport Public Poll Summary Download 11/29/12
New Poll Finds Hoosiers Oppose Sweetheart Deal for Duke Energy’s Edwardsport Coal Plant \






Download 11/29/12
IURC: Impervious to ethics scandal \



Download 12/18/12
Survey: Public Attitudes About New Coal-Fired Power Plants in Indiana Download 1/7/13
Our latest Duke Edwardsport IGCC Fact Sheet Download 1/14/13
Our latest IPL Fact Sheet Download 1/15/13
IPL: Stop investing in the past; Start investing in the future! Tell the IURC to say NO to IPL rate increase! \






Download 1/15/13
Consumer and Environmental Groups File Notice of Appeal Over Edwardsport IGCC \






Download 1/25/13
2013 Indiana General Assembly Bill Watch List \






Download 1/26/13
Our latest 2013 Indiana General Assembly Fact Sheet Download 1/28/13
Indiana Public Interest Groups Announce Support for Legislation to Protect Hoosiers from Gas Rate Hikes \






Download 2/6/13
American Electric Power Agrees to Retire Three Coal-Fired Power Plants in Major Clean Air and Climate Victory \


Download 2/25/13






Download 3/28/13
Sierra Club and Citizens Action Coalition Launch Aggressive Ad Campaign to Stop the Leucadia Tax \


Download 4/9/13
NIPSCO: Enough is Enough! Stop the Rate Hikes! \


Download 4/11/13