Organize FishCorporations are not people and it's high time for them to be held accountable!

Work with Citizens Action Coalition and get paid to protect people from the greed of monopoly utility companies!

Community Organizers promote social, economic and environmental justice issues such as:

  • Renewable Energy (wind power, solar power, etc.)
  • Fair Utility Rates
  • Health Care
  • Environmental Quality
  • Corporate Accountability

Job Description: Educating, organizing and empowering citizens to affect public policy and hold elected officials and corporations accountable

Benefits: Besides health insurance (for full time employees), paid vacations (for full time employees), and advancement opportunities, you can also wear casual clothes to work, sleep until noon, and work with people you actually like!

Personality traits most helpful for this position:

  • extroverted
  • assertive and assumptive
  • persistent
  • articulate
  • passionate about social justice
  • sense of adventure
  • willingness to learn
  • sense of humor

We do not require any previous organizing experience, and we do have an extensive training process for new employees.

  Full Time/Part Time Field Organizing Part Time Phone Organizing

Full Time: 2:00 to 10:30pm, Monday thru Friday

Part Time: 2:00 to 10:30pm, 3 days a week (M-F, you choose the days)

5:00 to 9:30pm M-F, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Sat
3 days a week (you choose the days)
Monday thru Saturday
Salary: Full Time: $325+ per week, Part Time: $195+ per week $8.00/hr with opportunities for bonuses

Bryce Gustafson, Field Canvass Director
(317) 205-3535

Corey Jefferson, Phone Canvass Director
(317) 205-3535

***Please note:

We are always hiring for the Full Time/Part Time Field Community Organizer position.  To schedule an interview, call our office at (317) 205-3535.

We are NOT always hiring for our Part Time Phone positions.  If you are interested in the Part Time Phone position, send Corey Jefferson an e-mail and he will get in touch with you when he is able to begin interviewing again.