Every day, our canvassers are on the phone talking to hardworking Hoosiers just like you. We really appreciate when you let us know what our work means to you and your families. Here are some folks we have talked to, telling us how they feel about what the work we do means to them. Thank all of you for your support. We truly cannot do this work without you! 
Jason, Indianapolis: "Doing what you all do at CAC gives me hope!"
Larry, Chesterton: "Thank you for all of the work you do!"
Gary, Greenwood: "I really appreciate what you guys do.  You do great work.  Thank you."
William, Connersville:"I really understand where you are coming from on the IURC."
Chuck, Gentryville: "We appreciate everything CAC has done.  Tell Kerwin we send him our best."
Brent, Greenwood: "Thank you so much for doing this for us."
Michael, Indianapolis: "The system does work as it is now...for the utility companies!"
Carl, Martinsville: "The utilities do all they can to control us!"
Patricia, Indianapolis: "Thank you for all of your hard work.  Life gets busy and it's not always easy or possible to pay attention to this stuff.  Keep it up!"
Shirley, North Manchester:  "It's good that we have a group working for us.  Duke and NIPSCO are pushing hard for companies.  I'm glad CAC is working hard for us, the customers."
Timothy, Bloomington: "Thanks for working for us.  We appreciate it!"  
Beth, Richmond: "Thank you for the excellent work you do.  I'm very grateful to CAC for fighting for this."
Teresa, Camby: "It's great someone is on the front line fighting for us!  That's what you do, and thank you so much!"
Ski, Lafayette: "Keep up the great work that you all do!"
Barbara, Bloomington: "Thank you guys for all your work and efforts.  We really appreciate the work you do for us."
Jo, Noblesville: "Thank you for all the work that you do.  You all do good work and a lot of it!"
Margaret, Indianapolis: "We really need you to keep fighting for us.  I'm on a fixed income, and utilities keep going up!"
Armando, Greenwood: "Thank you for the important work that you do!"
Jordan, Columbus: "I really appreciate everything you do!"
Edith, Indianapolis: "I'm glad you took the time to explain these issues to me.  Thank you!"
Michael, Indianapolis: "I've been helping CAC out for years because I know how rigged things are at the State House.  You all are tenacious in your advocacy, and we really need that."
Bruce, Bloomington:"I love what you all do!  Thanks!"
Rob, Indianapolis: "Your work is very important, especially for my parents who are on a fixed income."
Robert, Indianapolis: "Thank you for being so consistent and bull doggish about this and in keeping me up to date.  Keep up the great work!" 
Cathleen, Terre Haute: "Thank you for all you do."  
Chris, Pendleton: "It's great to have someone work for the common man.  Your work is so important!"
Carol, Indianapolis: "I really appreciate what you do.  Thank you so much for calling us to keep us informed!"
Carolyn, North Manchester: "Keep up the good work, we certainly appreciate it!"
Dustin, Carmel: "Thank you for the work you guys do!"
Brad, North Manchester: "Thanks so much for fighting the good fight for us."
Herbert, Noblesville: "I don't give to many groups, but I've been helping you all out for as long as I can remember because you fight so hard.  You've got a big job to do.  Thanks for doing it."
Mary and Michael, Goshen: "Thank you so much for the work you do."
Robert, Fremont: "I really appreciate the work you do.  If it wasn't for CAC, the utilities would really roll over us. Thank you."
Dale, Shelbyville: "I know how the system works. There's nothing we can do on on our own. We have to get together to fight back, so thank you for being out here standing up for us!"
James, West Lafayette: "Keep up the good work!" 
Jeffery, Greenwood: "Thank you for what you do!" 
Paul, Indianapolis: "Thanks for all your great work!"
John, Seymour: " Thank you for the work you do.  It may seem like a thankless job, but you're doing important work."
Mary Lu, Rochester: "We need someone to fight for us and thank you for fighting!  We appreciate it!"
May, Munster: "I'm 84 years old.  Indiana has got to get into the 21st century.  Thanks for fighting for us!"
Dan, Brownsburg: "Thank you!  I appreciate what you all do.  I know you guys restore some balance to the force and it would be a lot worse without you."
Carole, West Lafayette: "I am so thankful you do what you do!"
Ruth, Indianapolis: "What would we do without you!  Thanks for letting me know about these important issues."
Clayton, Marion: "I first got involved with the Coalition when you were fighting Marble Hill.  Folks were getting charged too much for a plant that didn't work.  We had our own chapter of CAC here in Marion.  I reckon you all have saved me a lot of money over the years.  Thanks for fighting for us."
Connie, Indianapolis: "Thank you for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it!"
Boyd, Carmel: "You people do a tremendous job."
Sarah, Bloomington: "Thank you so much for the work you all do.  I'm really appreciative of how hard you fight for us."
Robert, Indianapolis: "I wonder if we're turning into a police state.  Only power brokers are allowed in the supposedly public meetings and we the people have no say.  'By the people for the People' has become 'against the people.'"
Christopher, New Palestine: "I'm really interested in the issues you work on, and really appreciate the work you do.  Thanks!"
Rosemary, Noblesville: "Thanks for the great work you do!"
Joseph, Muncie: "Great job with all you do.  I look forward to reading over what you're up to.  I also follow you all on Facebook!"
Lisa, Indianapolis: "I love your work and I am thankful CAC is here in Indiana."
Mary Ellen, Bloomington: "I am always willing to help the cause!"
Judy, Columbus: "Thanks so much for what you do!"
Angela, Indianapolis:"You all have done a great job.  I've been really happy with the work of CAC.  You take a balanced approach - ecology and concern for the poor."
Theresa, West Lafayette: "I love what you do!  I hope that some day those on Social Security will not have to pay a late fee each month because they cannot pay their utility bill until the Social Security check comes in.  I'm going to tell all my friends to call their legislators about supporting a Customer Bill of Rights.  We need it!"
Gary, Bloomington: "CAC does great work - keep up the good fight!" 
Bill, Bloomington: "CAC does great work and you are the only ones who really care.  Keep fighting!"
Betty, Indianapolis: "I appreciate the help you all provide, and for keeping me informed.  I don't get out much!"  
Charles, Indianapolis: "It's a tough fight.  You all do it so well."

Current Campaigns

These are the issues of immediate importance we are working on right now.