Toxic Coal Ash in Indiana

Indiana has more toxic coal ash ponds and landfills than any other state. Most of them threaten important bodies of water, such as Lake Michigan and the Ohio, Wabash, and White Rivers.


What is coal ash, and why is it harmful?

Coal ash is toxic waste that is left over after burning coal to produce electricity. Coal ash contains many toxic pollutants, many of which are neurotoxins, such as arsenic and mercury. 


Until 2015, there were no meaningful regulations governing what utilities did with their coal ash. Utilities in Indiana and other states have been dumping most of the coal ash they create into unlined ponds and landfills. These unsafe dumping practices have allowed toxic coal ash pollutants to flow into groundwater and neighboring areas. 



What are we doing about it?

CAC advocates to protect Hoosiers from the dangers of leaking toxic coal ash ponds and landfills.


  • We demand that utilities do a full clean-up of their toxic coal ash messes that threaten our health and the environment.


  • We pressure the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to protect Hoosier families from being forced to foot the bill for coal ash clean-up costs while utility shareholders are making money hand-over-fist – including profiting off of inadequate coal ash cleanup projects that continue to leave toxic coal ash in dangerous locations where it could harm human health and our environment. 



Coal Ash in the News:

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Open IURC Coal Ash Proceedings

These Indiana monopoly electric utilities have profited from making these messes for decades. Now they want to make even more profit off of cleaning it up. They also want residential customers to foot the bill, while they give big discounts to their industrial customers.


Info on IN Coal Ash Ponds

Each utility is required to maintain a website with data and information on their coal ash ponds. Please refer to the following links:



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Current Campaigns

These are the issues of immediate importance we are working on right now.