Utility Rates and Regulation

Utility Rates and Regulation

When everything from food to healthcare is becoming more expensive, the cost of essential human services as simple as heating your home and turning on your lights must remain affordable for Hoosiers.

Citizens Action Coalition aggressively advocates for affordable utility rates.

Current Campaigns

There’s a disturbing trend developing in Indiana.

Tell I&M NO WAY to a higher fixed charge and NO WAY

Contact your State Senator and Representative today!

NISPCO wants to raise your electric rates by 15%!

UPDATE: IPL increase in fixed charge and rates approved.

The IURC denied Duke Energy's request for a $1.87B rate increase!

Indiana Utility Regulators denied the request for a $12.3 million subsidy for BlueIndy.

At a time when everybody is being asked to do more with less, utility profits are soaring and now NIPSCO wants you to pay even more!

At $9 billion, Prairie State threatens the electric rates of millions of electric customers - including many Hoosiers.

Monopoly utilities want their way regardless of the risk for ratepayers and taxpayers.

Leucadia Corporation wanted to build and own a coal-to-gas plant near Rockport, IN that would have raised natural gas prices in Indiana.

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In the Media

January 9, 2006

Senate Bill 245 Would Lead to Price Increases and Allow Telephone Companies to Eliminate Unlimited Local Calling at a Flat Rate
Although SBC/AT&T is the major lobbying force behind Senate Bill (SB) 245, the legislation would also apply to Verizon/MCI. SB 245 would:

November 17, 2005

Citizens Gas is a charitable trust. Its “stockholders” are the citizens of Indianapolis. It was created to protect ratepayers from price gouging practices of private utility companies decades ago and keep rates as low as possible. But you wouldn’t know that from its recent request for a 35% rate increase.

November 17, 2005

In 2003 and 2005, the Indiana Electric Association, the lobbying arm for the major electric and gas utility companies, pushed legislation that would lead to the complete deregulation of their profits. The mechanism used for backdoor deregulation is known as "tracking." Tracking mechanisms allow electric utility companies to get virtual automatic increases in rates for just about any cost they incur.

October 26, 2005

Across the country people are bracing for winter heating bills. Over the last 3 years, they have increased 58% on average nationwide, in Indiana 55.5%. The financial strain of home heating is particularly acute in low-income households. However, there are indications that bills are becoming unaffordable to households at higher income levels. The Citizens Gas experience with past due payments may point to an even more pervasive problem that is gaining a foothold on middle-income families.

October 25, 2005

CAC negotiated a Universal Service Fund Program with Vectren, Citizens Gas, industrial customers, and the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor. The USP is designed to keep low-income customers connected. This, as CAC's expert witness describes, is beneficial not only to individual low-income households but to all customers.