Utility Rates and Regulation

Utility Rates and Regulation

When everything from food to healthcare is becoming more expensive, the cost of essential human services as simple as heating your home and turning on your lights must remain affordable for Hoosiers.

Citizens Action Coalition aggressively advocates for affordable utility rates.

Current Campaigns

There’s a disturbing trend developing in Indiana.

Tell I&M NO WAY to a higher fixed charge and NO WAY

Contact your State Senator and Representative today!

NISPCO wants to raise your electric rates by 15%!

UPDATE: IPL increase in fixed charge and rates approved.

The IURC denied Duke Energy's request for a $1.87B rate increase!

Indiana Utility Regulators denied the request for a $12.3 million subsidy for BlueIndy.

At a time when everybody is being asked to do more with less, utility profits are soaring and now NIPSCO wants you to pay even more!

At $9 billion, Prairie State threatens the electric rates of millions of electric customers - including many Hoosiers.

Monopoly utilities want their way regardless of the risk for ratepayers and taxpayers.

Leucadia Corporation wanted to build and own a coal-to-gas plant near Rockport, IN that would have raised natural gas prices in Indiana.

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In the Media

April 5, 2013

Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) is requesting approval to install new pollution control equipment at its electric generating stations to reduce mercury and particulate matter emissions. The utility is also requesting approval to recover the construction costs through electric rates, with rate adjustments to be requested every six months.

March 28, 2013

The Honorable Mike Pence, Governor of the State of Indiana:

Senate Bill 560 (Utility Transmission) will likely be headed to your desk in the near future. As a representative of over 40,000 residential ratepayers in our great State, Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana respectfully requests that you protect Hoosier ratepayers with the same vigor with which you are fighting to protect Hoosier taxpayers.

February 17, 2013

The Indiana Senate Committee on Utilities is prepared to take a vote this week on SB510, the legislation intended to protect captive Hoosier gas ratepayers from the shenanigans of a Park Avenue hedge fund. So this seemed like an ideal time to discuss some talking points that the folks at Indiana Gasification and Leucadia keep using when promoting the illusory benefits of the proposed Rockport SNG facility, which remains to this day nothing more than a power point presentation.

February 14, 2013
It's been a busy couple of weeks at the Statehouse.  Here's the latest update:
February 11, 2013

There is currently a bill under consideration, SB560, in the Indiana Senate which will effectively guarantee that captive gas and electric ratepayers will face enormous increases in their monthly bills. This legislation will essentially eliminate regulatory protections already in place for Indiana consumers and will shift almost all of the costs and risk of operating a monopoly utility company onto captive ratepayers.