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The Game is Rigged: We Need a Customer Bill of Rights!

Contact your State Senator and Representative: Tell them to Support a “Customer Bill of Rights” Indiana large gas and electric utilities have been granted state franchised monopolies that protect... Read More »

2016 Indiana General Assembly

Every year, Citizens Action Coalition is down at the Indiana State House to monitor utility legislation. This year is no exception, so rest assured that we are watching closely to see if there are... Read More »

2015 Indiana General Assembly Voting Records

Every year, we make sure to let you know how your state legislators voted on the issues we work on and who in the energy industry is contributing to their campaigns, so you can make informed... Read More »

2015 Indiana General Assembly

The monopoly utilities will spin the truth, change the rules, and rig the game - whatever it takes to kill any competition, collect as much money as they can, and take the power away from the people... Read More »

2014 Indiana General Assembly

In the 2014 Indiana General Assembly, Indiana State Legislators... raised your electric rates killed thousands of Hoosier jobs padded the pockets of monopoly utility companies destroying... Read More »

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April 4, 2016

The final committee hearings on bills took place on Monday in the House. The balance of the week was dedicated to House and Senate floor action on 2nd and 3rd Readings. The Senate completed work on 3rd readings Tuesday and the House finished 3rd readings Thursday. A number of concurrence and dissent motions also progressed, sending a handful of bills to the Governor.

March 2, 2016

If possible, the Legislature’s pace has quickened even more so than other short sessions in years past with a large amount of committee hearings occurring this week. CAC attended meetings of the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee, the Senate Public Policy Committee and the House Utilities Committee in addition to monitoring legislation moving through the amendment process.

February 19, 2016

With only two more weeks of committee meetings remaining, calendars filled quickly this week while Committee Chairs worked to clear their schedule of bills. CAC attended meetings of the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee and the House Utilities Committee in addition to monitoring legislation moving through the amendment process on floors of the House and Senate.

February 19, 2016

With the start of the second half of the legislative session, the Senate started its deliberations on bills that were introduced and passed in the House and conversely, the House started consideration of Senate bills. It was a quiet week with few committee meetings and very little legislative action, which is a normal sequence of evens for the week after a Third Reading deadline.  


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In many ways, the Indiana state legislature has a much greater impact on the lives of Indiana citizens than what happens in Washington D.C. The Citizens Action Coalition is dedicated to representing the average consumer each and every year at the Indiana General Assembly.

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