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CAC is at the Indiana State House watching bills on energy, environment, good governance, human services, natural resources, and utilities.

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Gov. Pence signed SB412, enshrining bogus energy efficiency programs that do more harm than good into Indiana state law.

SB340 will raise your electric rates and kill thousands of Hoosier jobs to pad the pockets of monopoly utilities.

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January 30, 2006

CAC and other organizations formed Hoosiers for Affordable Telephone Service to maintain just and reasonable rates and good quality of service for our local phone service. These concepts are now under attack by AT&T (formerly SBC) and Verizon in Senate Bill 245 and House Bill 1279 now before the Indiana General Assembly.

January 30, 2006

Ratepayers are in for shock if the state’s giant, monopoly telephone companies are successful in their high-finance campaign to deregulate basic local telephone service during the 2006 legislative session. Two bills, Senate Bill 245 and House Bill 1279, are being rammed through the Indiana House and Senate at the request of the new AT&T, formerly SBC, and Verizon, which just bought MCI. These bills allow monopoly telephone companies to set their own rates, i.e.

January 26, 2006

Senate Bill 245 is the telecommunications bill supported by Indiana’s giant, monopoly phone companies, SBC/ATT&T (the country’s largest telecommunications company) and Verizon/MCI. (For more information see this Web site.)The Anti-Consumer Telecommunications Bill, Senate Bill 245, Passes Indiana Senate

January 24, 2006

Senate Bill 245 and House Bill 1279 are bills making their way through the legislative process that allow Indiana’s giant, monopoly telephone companies, AT&T and Verizon, to set their own rates. The committee process has been rigged in favor of the two telecommunications giants, as many opponents were not allowed to testify in the Senate and, contrary to Statehouse practice, opponents testified first in the House instead of supporters to give supporters the last word.

January 16, 2006

SBC has merged with its parent company AT&T and changed its name to AT&T. The Bell empire is back and with a vengeance. AT&T will push this session to eliminate basic local phone service. Basic phone service gives customers unlimited, local calling. AT&T wants to be able to set its own rates and charge you by the call.