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I&M wants $18 per month, before you use ANY electricity

Tell I&M NO WAY to a higher fixed charge and NO WAY to an I&M Bail-Out!

I&M wants to raise your base electric rate by 25.3% and your monthly fixed customer charge by a whopping 147%! This amounts to a monthly bill increase for the average I&M residential customer of $29.74 or 27.7%. 

I&M monthly electric bills have increased 62% since 2007, and 36% over the last 5 years.

Despite the average bill increasing over 17% since their last base rate case in 2012, Indiana Michigan Power has filed a new base rate case at the Indiana Utility Regulatory commission (IURC).  At the same time, Hoosier households struggle with declining and stagnant income and wages, and significant increases in the cost of energy, health care, food, and other necessities. Enough is enough!

I&M wants to significantly increase your monthly fixed charge from $7.30 to $18. This is the amount  you pay regardless of how much energy you use. 

Charging more for using less through higher fixed charges disproportionately hurts households on low- or fixed-incomes, most notably senior citizens and people with disabilities. It also diminishes the longstanding principal of encouraging conservation by charging you more for using less. And it imposes an unfair “tax” on farms, homes, schools. and businesses that choose to install solar panels, wind turbines, or other distributed energy technologies on their property.  

I&M is also asking the IURC to force you to bail them out for their bad business decisions.  

I&M wants you to pay off newly installed, but technologically obsolete meters in the next 5 years so they can spend even more of your money installing expensive and intrusive smart meters.

They want customers to pay off these bad investments in a short period of time, increasing cash flow to the company while quickly and significantly increasing your electric rates. I&M, not customers, made the decision to install technologically obsolete meters and they should be the ones to pay.

I&M’s own analysis also says shutting down the super-polluting, coal-fired dinosaur Rockport plant is the right choice for its customers, yet I&M chose to spend your money to continue to operate the plant. 

Now that they finally acknowledge the “economic and technological obsolescence” of Rockport they want you to pay off their bad investments by 2028 (instead of 2044 as is currently in rates) because they know the plant’s time has come.

Customers should not be penalized for the Company’s decision to continue to operate the plant. I&M made that decision and they're the ones who should pay.  

For more information, read our fact sheet here.

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Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
Attn: Bill Fine
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Tell the Utility Consumer Counselor:

  • Oppose I&M’s request to increase fixed monthly costs and charge you more for using less.
  • Oppose customers paying more for I&M’s bad business decisions. NO I&M BAILOUT!
  • Fight for residential customers to ensure that monthly bills are affordable, just, and reasonable.

Make sure to reference Cause Number 44967 in your comments!

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