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Utility Energy Plan is a high-risk gamble

The utilities’ energy plan is a high-risk gamble for all Indiana taxpayers and ratepayers.

This plan cannot be implemented without forcing excessive rate increases, exposing thousands of property owners to potential losses through property damage and devaluation, and threatening the quality of our air and water. Under this energy plan, we carry the financial, health and environmental riskes and costs, while utility companies walk away with the profits. Rather than bolster our economy, the utilities’ plan would bleed our economy dry and weaken our job market.

The utility plan to continue business as usual throttles investments that save ratepayers billions, while forcing unnecessary investments that earn windfall profits for the utilities.

Hoosiers are fed up with facing increases in property taxes, high unemployment, increases in health care costs, skyrocketing gasoline prices, stagnant and decreased wages, and foreclosures on homes.  In these economic times, it is unthinkable for Indiana ratepayers to shoulder the burden of higher utility rates solely for the profit of monopoly utilities when cleaner, cheaper alternatives exist.

Legislators are ignoring policies that can benefit taxpayers, ratepayers, and the economy as a whole. 

Instead, they work to protect the monopoly utilities at taxpayer and ratepayer expense.   We need policies and programs that accelerate the market preference for efficiency and renewables.  These represent the least cost approach for taxpayers and ratepayers.  They also create the most jobs, improve quality of health, and address air quality and other hazardous emissions in a cost-effective, responsible manner.

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