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Energizing Indiana: Home energy audits can help you save energy and save money!

Energizing Indiana is a new energy efficiency program that can help you find ways to cut your energy use and save money on your electric bills.

Since our inception in 1974, Citizens Action Coalition has advocated that energy efficiency is the best mechanism to make energy more affordable, improve public health, and protect the quality of our environment. The evidence shows that investments in energy efficiency create far more sustainable jobs than investments in fossil fuels and nuclear power. Efficiency also represents one of the most powerful tools to lift households out of poverty. CAC has worked aggressively to educate the public, regulators, and policy makers on the value of investments in energy efficiency. 


Back in 2004, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) began a generic investigation into the effects of Demand Side Management (DSM - energy efficiency implemented on the customer side or “demand side” of the meter). Five years later, in December 2009, the IURC ordered Indiana’s jurisdictional electric utilities to achieve an annual energy savings goal of 2% within ten years (by 2019) by offering five core DSM programs. The investor-owned utilities worked together with the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), large industrial customers, the Indiana Municipal Power Agency, and CAC to create these programs and to choose a third-party administrator to run the programs.


This is a big deal. For the first time ever, all jurisdictional electric utilities in Indiana have been mandated to make investments in energy efficiency. These programs are being paid for by all Indiana ratepayers of a municipal utility that is a member of IMPA or investor owned utility through electric bills. Therefore, ratepayers will have access to five core programs at no additional cost.


The five core programs being offered are:

1) Residential Home Energy Audit

2) Income Qualified Weatherization

3) School Education Programs

4) Residential Lighting Rebates

5) Commercial & Industrial Prescriptive Rebates

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