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Clean, cheap coal, non-polluting nuclear power, Hoosier Homegrown Energy Plan – A scam is still a scam by any other name.

These concepts reflect Governor Mitch Daniels’ energy policy and Duke Energy’s business plan.

Indeed the Governor’s statements and actions closely correlate with Jim Rogers’ (CEO of Duke) business plan. Both support building new coal plants while opposing a statewide Renewable Electricity Standard and a comprehensive, well-designed, statewide energy efficiency program.

Their advocacy for coal-based electric generation and opposition of scaled-up renewable and efficiency markets for Indiana presents the perfect storm for ratepayers, a perfect storm of further environmental and public health degradation, higher utility bills, weak or negative job growth, and a debilitated economy.

There are significant differences between what CAC and others propose for our energy policy and what Governor Daniels and Jim Rogers propose:

  • Our approach will result in much better air quality, their approach much dirtier air.

  • Our approach will result in billions of dollars of savings to ratepayers, their approach billions of dollars in costs for ratepayers.

  • Our approach will address global warming in an economically and environmentally sound manner; their approach will exacerbate global warming and shift billions of dollars unnecessarily into the coffers of monopoly utility companies that should go to cheaper, cleaner alternatives.

  • Our approach will result in much lower utility bills, their approach much higher utility bills.

  • Our approach will result in a strong and vibrant economy, their approach in a weak and debilitated economy.

This is why the Citizens Action Coalition has teamed with groups in Indiana and North Carolina to present Mitch Daniels, Governor of the State of Indiana, and Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy with the 2008 Fossil Fools Award. The following is the proclamation CAC conferred on Governor Daniels and Jim Rogers on April 1, 2008.

Click here to view the Fossil Fools Award bestowed on CEO of Duke Energy, Jim Rogers and Governor Mitch Daniels.

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