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Annual Health Detriment to Hoosiers due to Coal Pollution:

    • 887 deaths
    • 1,491 heart attacks
    • 114 lung cancer deaths
    • 21,532 asthma attacks
    • 845 hospital admissions
    • 618 cases of chronic bronchitis
    • 1,274 asthma ER visits

Source: Clear the Air

    • 7% of women of childbearing age have blood mercury levels that are higher than what the EPA considers safe to protect the developing nervous system of a fetus.

Source: EPA

Environmental Damage Caused by Coal:

  • Global Warming
  • Forest and crop damage
  • Mercury contamination of the fish in ALL of Indiana 's rivers and lakes
  • Acid Rain - the average pH of rain in Indiana is 4.5, which is ten times more acidic than normal rain (normal rain has a pH of 5.5)
  • Emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, lead, beryllium, mercury, and fluorides, to name a few

Source: Clear the Air

The Hidden Costs of Coal Not Included in Your Bill:

    • $5 billion each year is spent in Indiana on health care costs related to fine particle pollution

Source: Dr. Stephen Jay, Chair of the Department of Public Health at the Indiana University School of Medicine

    • $13 million a year in tourism revenue is lost each year at Indiana 's National Parks because of smog and haze due to power plant pollution

Source: Abt Associates study prepared for Clean Air Task Force

    • $87 million a year is lost in farm revenue due to crop losses caused by ground level ozone (smog created by nitrogen oxides emitted from coal-fired power plants) which reduces plant growth and yield

Source: Clean Air Task Force

  • Acid rain causes damage to buildings, historical monuments and even cars
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