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New State Voting Records Resource Available For Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS—Citizens Action Coalition announces its 2018 Voting Records and Campaign Contribution Database, a unique and interactive database designed to inform Hoosiers of their state legislators’ votes at the Indiana State Legislature regarding consumer, environmental, energy, and utility issues.

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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 9

The General Assembly saw a quickened pace of action this week with House committee deadline on Tuesday and second reading deadline on Thursday. Also on Thursday was the Senate’s committee deadline.

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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 8

With only one more week of committee meetings remaining, calendars filled quickly this week while Committee Chairs worked to clear their schedules of bills. CAC attended meetings of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, the House Elections Committee, the House Utilities Committee, House Agriculture, Senate Environmental Affairs Committees and the Senate Utilities Committee. In addition, we monitored other committees and marked the progression of legislation we’re watching on floors of the House and Senate.

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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 7

With the start of the second half of the legislative session, the House started its deliberations on bills that were introduced and passed in the Senate and conversely, the Senate started consideration of House bills. It was a quiet week with few committee meetings and very little legislative action, which is a normal sequence of events for the week after a Third Reading deadline.

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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 6

The legislature reached the halfway point of the session on Wednesday—marking the deadline for final action on introduced bills. Both the Senate and the House worked to advance their bills through third reading by their deadlines. The House completed their third readings on Monday night and the Senate completed all of their third readings by Wednesday night.

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