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Stop the Mounds Reservoir: Council and Commissioner Contacts

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The next step in the proposed Mounds Reservoir project is to form a multi-county commission, whose stated purpose is to make Mounds Reservoir a reality.  

Stopping the formation of the commission now will stop the project.  Contact your County Commissioners, your County Councilors, and your Town Councilors.  

Tell them you don't want them to dam the White River, and that you are opposed to the formation of a Mounds Lake Commission!


Delaware County Council

Chris Matchett, District 1 -

Ronald Quakenbush, District 2 -

Mary Chambers, District 3 -

Jane Lasater, District 4 -

Kevin Nemyer, At Large -

Mike Jones, At Large -

Scott Alexander, At Large -


Madison County Council 

Clayton Whitson, District 1 -

Steven Sumner, District 2 -

Fred Reese, District 3 -

Rick Gardner, District 4 -

Lisa Hobbs, At Large -

Lisa Phillips, At Large -

Robin Wagner, At Large -


Anderson City Council 

Russ Willis, District 1 -

Donna Davis, VP, District 2 -

Pamela Jones, District 3 -

Ollie Dixon, District 4 -

Art Pepelea, District 5 -

Joe Newman, District 6 -

Antony Bibbs, At Large -

Rodney Chamberlain, At Large -

David Eicks, President, At Large -

Kevin Smith, Mayor -


Delaware County Commissioners 

Shannon Henry -

James King -

Sherry Riggin -


Madison County Commissioners 

John Richwine, North District -

Jeff Hardin, Middle District -

Steffanie Owens, South District -


Daleville Town Board

Tom Roberts, President -

Bill Walters, VP -

Joe Scott -

Jay Shellabarger -

Jeff Shore -


Yorktown Town Council 

Robert Ratchford, President - 

Laura Vise, VP -

Robert Flanagan - (765) 759-4000 (no e-mail available)

Rick Glaub -

Daniel Flanagan - 

Rich Lee - 

Lon Fox - 

Pete Olson, Town Manager -


Chesterfield Town Council

17 Veterans Blvd, Chesterfield, IN 46017 
(765) 378-3331 

Jack Taylor, President

Karen Wilson, VP

Jerry Fields

Rob Freestone

Jay Mier

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