HB1414 is designed to keep Indiana in the dark ages by delaying and obstructing our transition to clean energy.


HB1414 is a deliberate attempt by the coal interests to convince Indiana lawmakers to use the heavy hand of government to interfere with the markets and protect Indiana’s fleet of coal-fired power plants. The effort is being led by Alliance Coal, Hallador Energy, and White Stallion Energy, who have recently been aggressively peddling their influence and money at the Indiana Statehouse.  


Please contact Go. Holcomb and tell him to VETO HB1414!

You can read more background on HB1414 here, and you can follow the progress on HB1414 on our 2020 Consumer, Energy, and Utility Bill Watch List.


Indiana should be exploring legislation to speed the clean energy transition and save ratepayers money, NOT protecting dirty and expensive coal-fired power plants and increasing the monthly electric bills of captive consumers.



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