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2016 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 1

Welcome to the first weekly report designed to inform CAC board and staff, as well as CAC members and the general public regarding our activities and work during the 2016 Indiana General Assembly.

The 2016 legislative session is the "short" session during which a wide array of topics, other than the biennial budget, may be considered by the legislature. By statute the session must be completed by March 14 compared to April 29 for the "long" session.

The first week of session kicked off with a rather hurried quality on January 5th, with Committee Chairs waiting for no grass to grow under anyone’s feet. By the end of Week One, CAC was tracking forty-one bills including a bill which would require the electric and gas utilities to publicly report important customer billing data, such as current arrears and disconnects. The bills is aimed at informing policy-makers and the public so that we can work towards policies that ensure utilities are affordable and that all consumers have access to these essential human services. In addition we are following a bill allowing the IURC the authority to fine remiss utility companies; a Renewable Energy Standard (RES); numerous water/wastewater bills; a bill to require the state’s adherence to the Clean Power Plan; and the much ballyhooed “No-More-Stringent-Than” bill that disallows the state from putting into place any environmental policy more stringent than federal law.

CAC testified on one bill this week:

Senate Bill 15, a fresh food initiative authored by Sen. Randy Head (R-Logansport) was heard by the Senate Commerce and Technology Committee. CAC testified in support of the bill. During the committee amendment process the bill was changed to include an accountability report and remove the $1M appropriation. CAC supports Feeding Indiana’s Hungry position on the bill and was joined by many including the American Lung Association and Indiana Cities and Towns in supporting the bill.

Read more here:

Items upcoming this week

  • Governor Pence’s State of the State address on Tuesday evening, 7pm
  • Senate Utilities Committee meeting, upon adjournment of the Senate on Thursday 

Respectfully submitted,

Lindsay Shipps
Government Affairs 


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