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Redistricting Reform

Redistricting & Gerrymandering in Indiana

Redistricting is the process of redrawing district maps after the census to equalize the populations of congressional and legislative districts. Gerrymandering is the act of rigging the districts to sway the outcome of the election toward the party in power. 


We believe that voters should choose their elected officials. However, in Indiana state politicians choose their voters because they are in control of redrawing Indiana's districts every 10 years. Citizens Action Coalition is a part of the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting, All IN for Democracy, a large group of organizations that has been working together for the last several years to put a fair redistricting process in place for Indiana.


During the 2020 Indiana General Assembly, we worked with former Senator John Ruckelshaus (R - Indianapolis) on legislation to create a bipartisan citizens redistricting commission that would control the redistricting process and produce Congressional and state legislative maps that the General Assembly would vote up or down to adopt.  We thought we had a real shot to get redistricting reform passed in 2020, but we were wrong. Sadly, despite the significant number of phone calls and emails they received from Hoosiers across Indiana, Sen. Walker, Chair of the Senate Elections Committee, refused to hear any of the redistricting reform bills in his committee, and Rep. Wesco, Chair of the House Elections Committee, ignored similar bills in his committee.

If the Indiana General Assembly won't create a Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw fair and impartial district maps, we'll do it ourselves!

The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission

The Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting is forming our own citizens redistricting commission. The goal of this commission is to create a public mapping website so that Hoosiers across the state can be fully engaged in redistricting. The commission will be composed of a diverse team of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independent voters who want new districts that serve the needs of the people, not partisan politicians.


For more on why redistricting reform is necessary, and what that reform should look like in Indiana, visit

Campaign Tools

Sign the End Gerrymandering Pledge:

Elected officials, candidates for office, advocates, public figures, and ordinary Americans are standing together to take the End Gerrymandering Pledge. This is a national effort led by former Attorney General Eric Holder and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to show unified support for our right to fair representation and a meaningful choice when we go to the polls. Join thousands of your fellow Americans in speaking out for what's right, by adding your name to the End Gerrymandering Pledge today!


Once you’ve taken the pledge yourself, check below to see if your state legislators have also signed. If they are not on this list, email them with a link to the pledge and urge them to take a stand for redistricting in Indiana that is fair, transparent, non-discriminatory and politically impartial! 


Indiana Senators and Representatives Who
Have Signed the “End Gerrymandering Pledge

 Dist.   Sen.   Party     Dist.   Rep.  Party 
 22   Alting   R   26   Campbell   D 
 29   Ford   D  86  DeLaney  D 
 13   Glick   R   34   Errington   D 
 25   Lanane   D   87   Hamilton   D 
4  Tallian  D   27   Klinker   D 
 41  Walker  R   43   Pfaff   D 
         61   Pierce   D 
 Dist.   Rep.   Party   94   Pryor   D 
 95  Bartlett  D    54   Saunders   R 
 9   Boy  39  Torr  R 




Help us fight for redistricting reform in Indiana!


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