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Average Indiana-Michigan Bill


Current Monthly I&M Bill Avg. Customer
(As of September 4, 2018)  Current Charges and  Rates   Total for the Month 
 Average Usage Per Month    899
 Base Rates 
 Monthly Fixed Charge $10.50 $10.50
 kWh rate (flat rate) $0.086340 $80.12
 Variable Rates, Bill Riders or Trackers 
 Fuel Cost Adjustment Rider (FAC) $0.000792  $0.71 
 Environmental Cost Rider (ECR) $0.000000 $0.00 
 Off-System Sales Margin Sharing with PJM Costs (OSS/PJM)  $0.016371 $14.72 
 Demand-side Management/Energy Efficiency Program Cost Rider (DSM/EE) $0.003013  $2.71
 DC Cook Nuclear Life Cycle Management Rider (LCMR) $0.003610  $3.25 
 Resource Adequacy Rider (RAR) $0.000000  $0.00
 Phase-In Rate Adjustment (PRA) ($0.002725) ($2.45)
 Pre-July 2018 Tax Reform Credit (TRC) ($0.000757) ($0.68)
Total Monthly Bill:  $108.88 
Price per kWh (with fixed charge):  $0.121109 
Price per kWh (w/o fixed charge):  $0.109429 

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