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2017 Indiana General Assembly: Environment and Natural Resources Bill Watch List


Bad Bills

HB1494: Regulation of confined feeding operations

Author: Rep. David Wolkins (R), Rep. Doug Gutwein (R), Rep. Terry Goodin (D)

Sponsors: Sen. Mark Messmer (R)

Status: Died in the Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee


Position: CAC opposes this bill

Description: HB1494 significantly weakens the regulations of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOS) by eliminating and/or modifying certain disclosure, permitting and public notice requirements.


HB1127: Nullification of EPA regulations in Indiana

Author: Rep. Chris Judy (R)

Status: Died in the House Environmental Affairs Committee

Position: CAC opposes this bill

Description: This bill would make any regulation of the Environmental Protection Agency invalid in the State of Indiana, This bill is nothing but a political stunt. Enough said. 



Good Bills

SB28: Local air pollution control agency contracts

Author: Sen. Lonnie Randolph (D)

Status: Died in the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee

Position: CAC supports this bill

Description: This bill would allow a county, city, or town to establish or designate an agency to act for the county, city, or town as a local air pollution control agency. In 2008, IDEM eliminated funding for local air pollution control agencies. This was a big step backward in keeping an eye on local polluters and the impact they were having on the health of the communities they operate in.




SB65: Availability of funds to recycling board

SB150: Ban on sale or use of coal tar pavement products

SB300: Solid waste management district board membership

SB326: Producer recycling of waste packaging and paper

SB553: Coal combustion residuals

HB1230: Coal ash residuals

HB1300: Lead and arsenic soil contamination in East Chicago

HB1363: Tax credit for manufacture of energy devices

HB1495: Environmental management

HB 1606: Report on underground natural resources

HB 1608: Natural Resource Funding


updated: Wednesday 4/12/17

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