Hoosiers NEED a Customer Bill of Rights

It has become painfully obvious that the utility regulatory process is working only for the utilities, and is harming the interests of everyday average Hoosiers.


Due to the enormous influence and political campaign contributions of Indiana’s monopoly utilities, major anti-consumer utility legislation has been enacted by the Indiana General Assembly in the last few decades. This legislation has tipped the scales so far in favor of the utilities that the authority and flexibility of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to represent the interests of residential energy customers has been significantly eroded.


Hoosiers’ ability to meaningfully participate in the process at the IURC has also been substantially diminished. At the same time, our ability to control our energy costs and make our own energy choices is constantly under attack year after year at the Indiana Statehouse.


Requests for rate hikes made by Indiana’s monopoly utilities are increasing to never before seen levels. Many of these requests are largely foregone conclusions as the laws recently passed by Indiana’s state legislators virtually compel the IURC to rubber stamp what the utilities want. This is leading to frequent and significant increases in monthly utility bills.


Hoosiers NEED a Customer Bill of Rights

There are many straightforward things that can and should be done to make sure Hoosiers get a fair shake.


  • Public Accountability of Indiana Utility Regulators: Indiana state law should allow the public to elect the Indiana Utility Regulators. At a minimum, the law should require that IURC nominees are publicly vetted by the Indiana General Assembly and given a public up or down vote.


  • Direct Election of the Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor: The Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) is supposed to represent all Indiana consumers to ensure quality, reliable utility services at the most reasonable prices possible. It only makes sense that the individual that heads the agency charged with representing the public should actually be elected by the public.


  • Repeal Anti-Consumer Legislation and Related Trackers: Many bills of note have been passed by the IGA in the last few decades that have enabled trackers and should be repealed. These laws are eroding the financial health of Hoosiers, impeding investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and harming vulnerable low and fixed income Hoosiers who can least afford these frequent and significant increases in monthly bills.


Click here for more detailed information about what a Customer Bill of Rights should look like in Indiana.

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