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VICTORY in the BlueIndy electric car share program!

On February 11, 2015, The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) significantly modified a settlement agreement made by Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL), the City of Indianapolis, and the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) for approximately $16 million for an alternate  regulatory plan (ARP) known as the BlueIndy electric vehicle project. 

The IURC denied the request by IPL and the City of Indianapolis for a $12.3 million subsidy to pay for the installation of the charging stations and kiosks as part of the BlueIndy project to be owned and managed by a privately owned French company, Bolloré. Citizens Action Coalition was the only party to the case that opposed the settlement and requested that the IURC deny the request.  

While the IURC did approve the approximately $3 million in distribution system upgrades, they unanimously and unequivocally rejected captive ratepayers footing the bill for installation of the equipment that would then be owned by a private company.  In the final order the IURC stated:

"There can be little argument that the request to recover the Installation Costs is anything other than a request to have IPL's customers pay a portion of the start-up costs for a private business enterprise."

Additionally, the IURC noted the significant number of comments they received from the public regarding this first of kind request.  The IURC said:

"We received extensive written and oral public comments from IPL customers who had no interest in the Blue Indy Project. They testified that they would not use the program, could not afford to participate in the program, or would not qualify to participate because of the lack of a credit card. These customers questioned why they should be required to pay for the Blue Indy Project, and we give substantial weight to those concerns."

Thanks to all who took the time to contact the IURC!!!  Your voices mattered and had a significant impact on the IURC.  Keep it coming!!! Onward!

The IURC press release regarding the order can be found here:

To read the IURC final order, click here:

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