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Report on Indiana Michigan Power Company 2018-19 Integrated Resource Plan


12/2/19 - Applied Economics Clinic Director and Senior Economist Liz Stanton, PhD contributed to comments on Indiana Michigan Power Company's most recent Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which are filed with the Utility Commission to demonstrate that utilities' decisions to retire and/or add electric generation are in the public interest. While technical, these evaluations provide an important benefit to utility customers and the Indiana public more widely. Third-party review of these and other utilities filings is critical to vet for errors, uncover questionable or self-serving assumptions, and make hidden value-judgments transparent. Important issues found in reviewing Indiana utilities’ 2016 Plans include biases both against retiring coal generation and against adopting new efficiency measures and renewable resources. This testimony is part of a joint AEC and Energy Futures Group series of comments on Indiana utility Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) on behalf of Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana and Earthjustice.

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