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Indiana Slated To Be a Corridor for Nuclear Waste Shipments

For immediate release: October 27. 2015

Contact: Mallory Holmes

Stop Fukushima Freeways Campaign Kicks Off

INDIANAPOLIS – Countless nuclear waste shipments will crisscross Indiana’s roads if plans for the country’s first nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada advance. Today Citizens Action Coalition released maps of the routes that radioactive shipments would likely use, joining dozens of environmental and clean energy groups across the country. CAC is asking state residents to weigh in with their Congressional representatives about the dangers. 

According to the map, highly radioactive waste fuel from 37 nuclear power plants would weave through Indiana communities, by rail and interstate. Each shipment would contain several times more radioactive material than the Hiroshima bomb released, with 20 to 50 tons of irradiated fuel assemblies in each canister. Department of Energy studies completed in the 1990s confirmed that accidents in transporting the waste to Yucca Mountain would be a certainty due to the large number of shipments that would be required. The shipments would also be vulnerable to attack or sabotage along the hundreds or thousands of miles that each cask would travel.

“Indiana is not ready for the transportation of nuclear waste,” said Mallory Holmes, Energy and Utility Organizer, Citizens Action Coalition. “Emergency response plans lack the protocols and tools to adequately respond to high-magnitude disasters associated with radioactive material,“ Holmes continued.

“An accident involving nuclear waste in any of our communities would force thousands of people to evacuate their homes, schools, and businesses and radioactively-contaminate dozens of square miles.” Holmes added.

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