2014 Indiana General Assembly

SB340 will raise your electric rates and kill thousands of Hoosier jobs to pad the pockets of monopoly utilities.

In the 2014 Indiana General Assembly, Indiana State Legislators...

  • raised your electric rates
  • killed thousands of Hoosier jobs
  • padded the pockets of monopoly utility companies

...by destroying Indiana energy efficiency programs with SB340.


Thank you to everybody who spoke out and contacted state legislators and the governor!

We built up a lot of momentum and showed how much support there really is for energy efficiency in Indiana.  We will use that momentum going forward to work to get energy effiency programs reinstated!


SB340: Demand Side Management Programs 

Authors: Sen. James Merritt (R)Sen. Dennis Kruse (R)Sen. Jean Leising (R)

Sponsor: Rep. Eric Allan Koch (R)Rep. Heath VanNatter (R)Rep. Richard Hamm (R)

Status: Became law without Gov. Pence's signature


Position: CAC opposes this bill

Description: CAC fought long and hard to help bring energy efficiency programs to Indiana.  These programs have been running for a couple of years now, and they're working - energy efficiency is reducing the demand for electricity in our state.  This reduces the need to build more power plants, which means we don't have to pay for more power plants, which keeps our electric bills from skyrocketing.  

SB340 kills energy efficiency programs in Indiana.  SB340 is simply bad public policy.  


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