NIPSCO Gas Rate Hike (2022)

JULY 2022 FINAL ORDER: On July 27, 2022, the IURC approved the settlement agreement filed in March. CAC did not sign onto the settlement agreement, but also did not oppose it. 


MARCH 2022 UPDATE: In March 2022, the OUCC, industrial customers, and NIPSCO filed a settlement agreement. The agreement is now pending before the IURC, which may approve, deny, or modify any settlement it considers.

  • The proposed settlement would allow NIPSCO Gas to raise rates by approximately $71.8 million, which is $37.9 million less than NIPSCO requested.
  • The proposed settlement would allow NIPSCO to increase the residential monthly fixed charge from $14.00 to $16.50, which is $8 less than NIPSCO requested.
  • A ruling from the IURC is expected in the summer of 2022. 



The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) recently approved over $1 BILLION in NIPSCO Gas rate increases, which will continue increasing monthly bills for NIPSCO Gas customers by an average of 1.3% every year through 2025. 


NIPSCO Gas is now back before the IURC with another demand to raise monthly gas bills in Cause Number 45621. If approved, the average NIPSCO Gas customer will see their monthly bill increase by 17%. This is above and beyond the significant increases we saw in the cost of natural gas itself throughout 2021, which has hit Hoosiers hard in recent months.



Even worse, NIPSCO wants to increase the fixed charge on their monthly natural gas bills by 75% (from $14 to $24.50). The monthly fixed charge is the amount you pay regardless of how much natural gas you use, which means the less you use, the bigger your increase.


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