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Stop Fukushima Freeways: No nuke waste transport through Indiana

Tell Congress no transportation of nuclear waste through Indiana.

Despite the lack of nuclear power plants in Indiana, nuclear power continues to pose a threat to Hoosiers. Right now, in Congress, plans are being developed to revive the use of Yucca Mountain as a “long term storage site” for nuclear waste, meaning that countless shipments of highly radioactive “spent” nuclear fuel rods would be transported along rail lines and road ways, through Indiana, and across the nation.

Even though Yucca Mountain was rejected as a potential site back in 2010, it is still being considered as “viable” by Congress despite the refusal of the state of Nevada and scientific evidence regarding seismic activity in the area. 

These proposed plans would transport more than 12 thousand radioactive shipments within 3 miles of the homes of more than 50 million Americans, nationwide. In this proposed plan, Indiana would see more than 6 thousand shipments roll though our communities, from 37 different nuclear power plants.

Each of these shipments would contain several times more radioactive material than the Hiroshima bomb released. Casks used for storage and shipment provide some shielding for this nuclear waste, but even perfect casks still emit radiation, like an x-ray stuck in the on position.  The casks used for shipment are not required to undergo physical testing, which means when an accident occurs there is no telling if the casks could withstand it. According to the Department of Energy, we can anticipate up to 260 accidents and between 250 and 590 incidents over the estimated twenty years of transport.  An accident involving nuclear waste, in any community, would radioactively contaminate dozens of square miles and force thousands of people to evacuate their homes, schools, and businesses.

The bottom line is that despite the fact that Indiana has no nuclear power plants, Hoosiers are still facing the dangers associated with transporting this dangerous material through our state and our communities.  The nuclear waste problem cannot be resolved until nuclear power plants are permanently closed and stop generating waste, but the risks can be reduced by leaving this dangerous material where it is until a long term plan is established.

Tell Congress and our elected officials to stop any plans to transport this waste until there is a scientifically proven, environmentally sound, and socially responsible long term management plan.

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