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New evidence shows even more negative community impact from proposed Mounds Reservoir

More evidence showing the Mounds Reservoir project to be ill-conceived and a potential negative impact on the surrounding area continues to come to light. 

First, there is the impact on the newly-built, $7 million Chesterfield water treatment plant. According to a recent article in the Anderson Herald Bulletin

"The Phase 2 feasibility study of the reservoir project notes that the Chesterfield plant is compromised as a result of the area’s 100-year flood-plain elevation.

'The current Chesterfield plant will be impacted by this new dam’s water pool elevation,' the report stated. 'Not only will this existing plant’s water quality discharge limit change as a result of a direct lake discharge, but there will be an new 100-year floodplain elevation that will impact all of its existing structures.'

The study said options to prevent flooding of the plant include construction of a flood-control levee or elevation of the plant’s structures and processes."

Second, a recent Peer Review of the Phase II study to determine the feasibility of the Mounds Reservoir found some serious issues. According to the Common Statement summarizing the review

"We believe that neither the rigor of the methods of evaluation nor the detail of the information presented in both the Phase I and Phase II Studies are sufficient for the public to evaluate the degree of adverse effects or the financial feasibility of this proposal. In particular, at this juncture, the conclusion of financial feasibility of the Mounds Lake Reservoir is not supported by the data or analysis presented in the Phase I and Phase II studies." 

The more evidence comes in, the less it looks like the Mounds Reservoir planners have truly weighed all the evidence when conceiving of this project. 

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