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EMAIL ALERT Take Action Now: Stop automatic utility rate increases!

There is currently a bill under consideration, SB560, in the Indiana Senate which will effectively guarantee that captive gas and electric ratepayers will face enormous increases in their monthly bills. This legislation will essentially eliminate regulatory protections already in place for Indiana consumers and will shift almost all of the costs and risk of operating a monopoly utility company onto captive ratepayers. In addition, SB560 will also allow the monopoly utilities to raise you rates virtually automatically with little to no regulatory oversight.

SB560 will be voted on this week by the full Senate. Please call or e-mail your Senator today and tell them to vote NO on SB560!

To find your Senator, please go here:

The Senate switchboard is: (800) 382-9467

While every branch of government, including our schools, is being asked to do more with less and the public is struggling with stagnant and diminishing wages, the monopoly electric and gas utility companies in Indiana are asking your elected officials for a raise, and they want it to come from your checkbook. Tell your Senator to say NO.

For more information on SB560, please view our latest fact sheet.

Please call today! SB560 could be voted on as soon as this Tuesday. Tell your Senator to protect the public interest and vote NO on SB560!

Thanks so much.  We cannot do our work without your support.

Kerwin Olson
Executive Director
Citizens Action Coalition

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