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Keep Indiana's Energy Policy & Economy Moving Forward

We need strong energy efficiency policy in Indiana!

Make your voice heard!

Let Governor Pence know Indiana needs energy efficiency and we want it done right!

At a time when electric bills in Indiana are becoming increasingly more expensive, heavily impacting the cost of living and the cost of doing business in Indiana, using less energy is a simple way to cut those costs.

CAC has fought long and hard to help bring energy efficiency programs to Indiana. These programs (collectively called Energizing Indiana) have been running for a couple of years now, and they work:

  • For every dollar spent on the programs, two dollars of utility system costs were avoided.
  • The programs achieved electricity savings at a cost of approximately 1.6 cents per kilowatt hour.  This compares to the typical costs of building and running a new power plant of about 7-14 cents per kilowatt hour.  Or, as a current example, 22 cents per kilowatt hour for the Duke Edwardsport IGCC coal-fired power plant.
  • Energizing Indiana achieved total gross savings of just over 339 million kWh, enough to power over 28,000 homes.  Preliminary results from the second year of the programs show savings of 501 million kWh, enough to power nearly 42,000 Hoosier households.

Despite this, the 2014 Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act 340, which will stop the Energizing Indiana programs at the end of 2014.

Energy efficiency is THE least cost resource, so why would our legislators and our governor limit our options by rejecting the least cost resource of energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency:

  • costs far less than the construction of unnecessary and expensive new power plants,
  • creates jobs, spurs economic development, and keeps Indiana dollars in Indiana,
  • reduces environmental compliance costs, and
  • reduces the need to import fuel for energy production.

Our Governor, regulators, and legislators need to listen to the needs of Indiana ratepayers and enact a strong energy efficiency policy that benefits ALL ratepayers in the state. Make your voice a part of the discussion!

Write Gov. Pence and tell him that you want Indiana to enact strong statewide energy efficiency policy!

The sooner we embrace energy efficiency as the preferred resource option, the sooner Indiana will realize even more gains that will come from continuing these investments.

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