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STOP the Covanta Sweetheart Deal - We want FIRST CLASS RECYCLING in Indy!

The proposed "recycling" plan for Indianapolis--having Indianapolis residents mix their recycling with their trash--will set recycling back for decades. Covanta, owner and operator of the local trash incinerator, plans to build a facility to sort this trash/recycling mixture, andrecycle only a small amount of the recyclable material. 


It is critical you speak out for a better solution to this plan. Contact Mayor Ballard's Chief of Staff and the Department of Public Works Director via this petition to let them know that you want FIRST CLASS recycling for Indianapolis.

With this sweetheart deal for Covanta, Indianapolis is setting a low bar by establishing a goal of recycling only 23.5% of our trash. That is contrary to the Statewide goal of 50% established in 2014 by the Indiana General Assembly and Governor Pence.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the "recycling plan needs work." 

"Although Mayor Greg Ballard's office would like you to think otherwise, his agreement with Covanta to combine its waste incinerator operation with a recycling program is not a done deal. A lawsuit in Marion Superior Court is challenging it on the grounds that the $112 million agreement was forged behind closed doors without public input or a competitive bidding process."

Clean recycling saves energy, conserves resources, and creates sustainable jobs that can't be outsourced. Indianapolis deserves a truly sustainable solution that delivers benefits to all and makes our community a more attractive place to live and work. 

Sign the petition TODAY! By signing, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the Chief of Staff for Mayor Ballard, Jason Dudich, and Public Works Director Andy Lutz.

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