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Average Vectren Bill


Understanding your current Vectren electric bill
(Based on average usage of 900 kWh per month.)*
(As of June 8, 2017)  Current Charges and  Rates   Total for the Month 
 Base Rates (fixed and do not change without a base rate case being filed) 
 Monthly Fixed Charge $11.00 $11.00
 Charge per kWh(flat rate) $0.091600 $82.44
 Fuel Charge per kWh $0.038890 $35.00
 Variable Production Charge $0.004750 $4.28
 Bill Riders, or "trackers" (variable and will change in between rate cases) 
 Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC) ($0.005734) ($5.16)
 Energy Efficiency Program Costs and Lost Revenues  $0.007976 $7.18
 MISO (grid operator) Cost & Revenue Adjustment  $0.003508 $3.16
 Reliability Cost and Revenue Adjustment   $0.000256 $0.23
 Grid Modernization Fixed Charge   $0.95 $0.95
 Grid Modernization Charge per kWh   $0.000339 $0.31
Total:  $139.38

*Average bill based on Vectren’s current approved electric tariffs which are available here:, and represent an average Vectren customer using 900 kWh/per month.

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