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Representative Sue Ellspermann (R-Boonville, District 74)

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  2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
Pro-Consumer Voting Percentage N/A N/A N/A 0% 0%
  2006 2008 2010   Total
Campaign Contributions from Utility,

Coal, Oil, and Railroad Corporations
N/A N/A $1,250   $1,250

2011 Voting Records:  Representative Sue Ellspermann (R, District 74)

2010 Campaign Contributions accepted from Utility, Coal, Oil and Railroad Corporations: $1,250

Pro-Consumer Percentage: 0%

The following is a synopsis of how the Representative voted in the 2011 General Assembly on the bills that CAC was tracking. We consider that 80% is a passing grade for the legislators, meaning that if their "Pro-Consumer Voting Percentage" is 80% or above, they are working to protect consumers in the State House. If their percentage is below 80%, they are not working to protect consumers.

SB 251: This bill was the mother lode for the utilities this
year. It does the following:

  • Defines clean energy as virtually any technology that
    produces electricity; which includes truly renewable sources like wind
    and solar, but also includes, but is not limited to, nuclear, coal
    gasification, solid waste, coal bed methane, and industrial byproducts.
  • Gives the utilities all kinds of trackers, which allow the
    utilities to raise your rates when their costs go up without having to lower your
    rates when their costs go down.
  • Gives eminent domain to private corporations for carbon
    dioxide pipelines
  • Allows utilities to use Construction Work in Progress
    (CWIP) to charge ratepayers to uprate nuclear power plants before the uprate actually
    produces any electricity

Rep. Ellspermann's Vote on SB 251: 10 votes - all Anti-Consumer

HB 1128: This bill was essentially the same as SB 251, except
that it did not include the eminent domain.

Rep. Ellspermann's Vote on SB 1128: 2 votes - both Anti-Consumer

SB 71: This bill will essentially open the State of Indiana to
hydrofracking (hydraulic fracturing) coal seams for the purpose of
extracting coal bed methane, with no requirement that the operators of
these wells comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act or even allow the
public to comment on the permits or know the location of where these
operations will take place.

Rep. Ellspermann's Vote on SB 71: Anti-Consumer

SB 66: This bill amends the definition of "renewable energy resources" in utilities law to add low temperature, oxygen starved gasification of municipal solid waste (burning trash to make electricity).

Rep. Ellspermann's Vote on SB 66: Anti-Consumer

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