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Citizens Action Coalition applauds Rep. Suzanne Crouch for standing up for Hoosier Consumers







Today in the Indiana House Ways & Means committee hearing on SB344, Rep. Suzanne Crouch (R, Evansville) offered an amendment to remove language from the bill intended to further enable the Indiana Gasification Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) plant proposed to be built in Rockport, IN. The amendment passed with bi-partisan support 23-2.

The only anti-consumer yes votes coming from Rep. Matt Ubelhor (R, Bloomfield) and Rep. Mara Candelaria-Reardon (D, Hammond).

The language would have extended the Indiana coal gasification tax credit to the Indiana Finance Authority and would have allowed the project to use a fuel source other than coal. In addition, the language would have exempted large industrial customers from paying for the over-priced SNG that the project may produce, which would have shifted all of the costs onto the backs of residential customers and Hoosier small businesses.

“Rep. Crouch did the right thing today for Hoosier consumers. We applaud her, and the other 22 members of the Committee who voted yes, for having the courage to stand up for everyday Hoosiers in the face of what was likely enormous political pressure,” said CAC Executive Director Kerwin Olson.

“This proposed SNG plant was a bad idea 5 years ago, and with the significant drop in natural gas prices over the last 3 years, is an even worse idea today,” stated Mr. Olson.

“We also want to thank Chairman Espich for allowing the amendment to be heard and Rep. Win Moses for continuing to work to protect the pocketbooks of Hoosier ratepayers.”

Others on the Committee who voted with Hoosier consumers today include:

Rep. Jeff Espich (R, Uniondale)

Rep. Bill Crawford (D, Indianapolis)

Rep. Jim Baird (R, Greencastle)

Rep. Robert Cherry (R, Greenfield)

Rep. Ed Clere (R, New Albany)

Rep. Tom Dermody (R, LaPorte)

Rep. Terry Goodin (R, Austin)

Rep. Mike Karickhoff (R, Kokomo)

Rep. Clyde Kersey (D, Terre Haute)

Rep. Sheila Klinker (D, Lafayette)

Rep. Rebecca Kubacki (R, Syracuse)

Rep. Dan Leonard (D, Huntington)

Rep. Richard McClain (R, Logansport)

Rep. Win Moses (D, Fort Wayne)

Rep. Scott Pelath D, Michigan City)

Rep. Phyllis Pond (R, New Haven)

Rep. Cherish Pryor (D, Indianapolis)

Rep. Milo Smith (R, Columbus)

Rep. Jeff Thompson (R, Lizton)

Rep. Randy Truitt (R, West Lafayette)

Rep. Eric Turner (R, Cicero)

Rep. Peggy Welch (D, Bloomington)

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