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Senator Amanda Banks (R-Pierceton, District 17)

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Pro-Consumer Voting Percentage N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 25% 25%

* <> indicates that we did not track voting records for this legislative session.


2015 Voting Records: Senator Amanda Banks (R-Pierceton, District 17)

Campaign contributions from the Energy & Natural Resources sector, 2006 - present: N/A
(Includes money taken from the following industries: utilities, coal, mining, oil, natural gas, steel, and environmental services & equipment.)


Pro-Consumer Percentage: 25%
The following is a synopsis of how the Senator voted in the 2015 General Assembly on the bills that CAC was tracking. We consider that 80% is a passing grade for the legislators, meaning that if their "Pro-Consumer Voting Percentage" is 80% or above, they are working to protect consumers in the State House. If their percentage is below 80%, they are not working to protect consumers.

For bill details and your legislators’ votes on the following bills, please click here to visit our Indiana General Assembly Bill Watch List.

SB 412: Demand side management
Status: Signed into law by Gov. Pence

After the State Legislature killed Indiana’s incredibly effective efficiency programs (Energizing Indiana) last year, Gov. Pence promised a strong efficiency bill this year. What we got instead was a bill that allows utilities to run their own efficiency programs without strong goals being set in Indiana’s energy policy. It allows utilities to steal the economic benefits of energy efficiency from customers by charging us hundreds of millions for energy we don’t use because of efficiency measures. This bill is so bad, Hoosiers would be better off without any bill at all.

Votes on SB 412: 2 Votes; both Anti-Consumer

SJR 2: Right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife
Status: As a joint resolution, SJR2 did not require the Governor's approval. The measure was approved by two consecutive and separately elected legislative bodies for placement into Indiana's Constitution.

Senate Joint Resolution 2 is an amendment to the Indiana State Constitution "that provides that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife is a valued part of Indiana's heritage and shall be forever preserved for the public good."

CAC's concern with this bill was that it is unnecessary and that "wildlife" is not well defined, so this proposed amendment could put the interests of big farmers above those of other Hoosiers. Granting factory farms special protection in the Indiana State Constitution puts an end to local control, taking away to the ability of local communities to pass local ordinances that protect their interests. No industry should have special protections in the Indiana Constitution.

Vote on SJR2: Anti-Consumer

SJR 12: Right to farm and ranch
Status: Died in the Senate

Senate Joint Resolution 12 would have written into the Constitution of the State of Indiana a guarantee of the right of the people of Indiana to engage in diverse farming and ranching practices.

CAC's concern with this resolution was the same as the concern expressed for SJR2 (above).

Vote on SJR12: Pro-Consumer

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