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Average IPL Electric Bill

 Indianapolis Power and Light

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Based on average usage of 1,008 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month, as of 9/5/19
   Current Charges and  Rates   Total for the Month 
 Base Rates     
 Monthly Fixed Charge  $17.00 $17.00
 First 500 kWh  $0.106454 $53.23
 Each kWh over 500  $0.090752 $46.10
 Variable Rates, Bill Riders or Trackers     
 Fuel Cost Adjustment (FAC)  $0.003484  $3.51 
 Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery Adjustment (ECCRA)  - $0.002699    - $2.72   
 Demand-Side Management Adjustment (DSMA)  $0.004207 $4.24 
 Capacity Adjustment (CAP)  $0.000729 $0.73 
 Off-System Sales Margin Sharing (OSS)  - $0.000627   - $0.63   
 Regional Transmission Organization Adjustment (RTO)  - $0.000028   - $0.03   
Total Monthly Bill:  $121.44 
Price per kWh (with fixed charge):  $0.120472 
Price per kWh (w/o fixed charge):  $0.103607

Based on IPL's current approved electric tariffs which are available here:


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