Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director

It was a fast and furious year at CAC, but one that leaves me with excitement and optimism about
the future of the organization. We reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and strengthened
existing relationships. Cooperation and collaboration was at the forefront and has paved a path
that promises to be fulfilling and rewarding.

We worked at the Statehouse with a large and diverse coalition including environmental groups,
civic organizations, utility companies and others to pass legislation to protect consumers from
being gouged by the Enron like scheme of Leucadia National Corporation to construct a fool hardy
Substitute Natural Gas plant in Rockport, IN.

We continued our collaboration with Sierra Club, Save the Valley, and Valley Watch to oppose the
economic and environmental injustice known as the Edwardsport IGCC power plant, and brought
new allies into the struggle with Earthjustice, Greenpeace, the American Civil Liberties Union of
Indiana, and others offering their assistance and generous support in the struggle.

Throughout Indiana, we joined with landowners, environmental groups, consumer groups, the faith
community, academics, citizen groups and many others. On the national front our list of allies and
friends continues to grow as we cooperated and collaborated with folks from the Great Plains to the
Rockies to the Appalachian Valley to the hustle and bustle of NYC; all with the common goal of good
governance, economic and environmental justice, and bringing hope and lending a voice to the

We ramped up our efforts to increase investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy,
protect vulnerable populations from unreasonable utility rates, safeguard rural communities from
the impacts of factory farming, and bring help to those with excessive and unreasonable medical

The staff at CAC continues to amaze and impress with their dedication, determination, and passion
to carry out the mission of the organization, working selflessly to achieve this end.

Lastly, the members of CAC remain committed with their incredible support which affords CAC the
luxury of lending an uncompromising voice and a strident message.

Immense gratitude and thanks to all. Let’s roll.

Kerwin Olson
CAC Executive Director

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