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2014 Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director

Wow! What a year 2014 proved to be! Despite the many challenges and frustrations that
presented themselves, significant accomplishments were realized and major victories were

Despite the General Assembly’s reprehensible and short-sighted decision to repeal the energy efficiency savings goal put in place by the Mitch Daniels administration, CAC committed significant resources and forged ahead at the IURC led by the extraordinary work and tireless dedication of Jennifer Washburn; continuing our diligent work for comprehensive, cost-effective, equitable, and robust energy efficiency programs.

CAC and our allies effectively negotiated a continuation of the NIPSCO feed-in-tariff, which if approved, will enable the installation of new solar and wind systems across northern Indiana. CAC was a partner in the successful campaign spearheaded by Sierra Club Beyond Coal and Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light to get IPL to commit to cease burning coal in Marion County.

The Indiana Court of Appeals finally agreed with CAC and our allies that the IURC is ignoring the evidence in the many Edwardsport IGCC cases before the IURC and remanded the final order in IGCC-9 which approved millions in cost recovery from captive Duke ratepayers.

Thanks to the terrific legal work of the ACLU, the right of CAC and others to conduct door to door political canvassing was reaffirmed as an absolute right under the 1st Amendment. CAC prevailed in Federal Court over the Town of Yorktown who attempted to restrict CAC’s canvassing activities through un-constitutional ordinances.

In addition to preserving our right to canvass, we began meaningful and serious discussions about how to ensure the sustainability of the field canvass. We crafted new policies and compensation structures that will hopefully bear fruit for the individuals and organization alike, as we continue the journey on re-creating the CAC canvass to adapt to the changing times and the needs of the individuals, the organization, and the public at large.

I will close with perhaps the biggest victory of all. After nearly a decade of committee meetings, sub-committee meetings, sub-committee meetings of the sub-committee and countless false starts, CAC now has a new data base in place that will position us well for the future! The transition did not come without complications. The CAC office staff, led by Laura Sucec, performed extraordinarily well under immense pressure and pulled it out with flying colors.

I would be remiss to not acknowledge the efforts of CAC’s Financial Director Mark Bailey who guided CAC through a tough year while transitioning himself to a new life of “semi-retirement”. Thanks, Mark, for everything!

Similar challenges lie ahead in 2015 as the influence of the moneyed interests continue to dominate the agenda in Indiana. But rest assured, CAC will remain strident in fighting for equity, fairness, and justice.

Immense gratitude and thanks to all.

Kerwin Olson
Executive Director

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