CAC Statement on MCPO Indictment of Former IURC Chairman David Lott Hardy

Mon, 12/12/2011 - 00:00







CAC Executive Director Kerwin Olson issues the following statement:

Citizens Action Coalition’s faith in our justice system is renewed today with the announcement of these indictments. CAC remains firm in our belief that the failure to disclose the communications between Duke Energy executives and the former Chairman of the IURC at a very minimum were improper and represented a serious violation of the public trust. Now we know that the Marion County Prosecutor believes the Chairman’s behavior violated State law.

We also remain strident that the Edwardsport IGCC is an illegitimate power plant that never should have been approved to begin with. These indictments show a direct link between the IGCC project and the improper communications. This fact raises further questions about the legitimacy of the Edwardsport IGCC project, the behavior of others who may have been involved, and more importantly the money that Duke Energy Indiana ratepayers have been forced to pay for this fiasco to date.

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