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2020 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 9




The General Assembly saw a quickened pace of action this past week with second and third reading deadlines early in the week and the conference committee process beginning with a fury.


Legislators also began consideration of concurrence motions on Wednesday.  If a bill is amended in the second chamber (e.g. the House bill is amended by the Senate), the bill author may decide to concur with the changes made by the bill, in which case he/she files a concurrence motion.  This motion is voted on by the full chamber (House, in our example) and if the motion receives a majority vote, it is sent to the Governor for their signature or veto.


If the bill author disagrees with the changes made to the bill, he/she files a dissent motion and the bill will then be subject to the conference committee process in which differences are worked out by members of a conference committee appointed by the House Speaker and Senate President Pro-Tem.  A conference committee report is then prepared, signed by the four conferees and then voted on by both chambers with an affirmative vote in each chamber sending the bill to the Governor for their consideration.


We saw a dissent motion filed on the coal bailout bill, House Bill 1414, since Utilities Chairman Ed Soliday didn’t agree to changes made to the bill by the Senate which passed the bill earlier in the week. On Thursday, we were there as the conference committee met. Official language for the conference committee report hasn’t yet been distributed to the public. For more on HB1414, head to our latest video update from Kerwin.


Some good news with the lead testing bill: House Bill 1265 passed the Senate unanimously though the amendment from Sen. Mark Stoops to reduce the limit of acceptable lead to 5ppb instead of the EPA’s 15ppb sadly failed. The bill will now head to the House for a concurrence vote.


Senate Bill 229, the bill that stands to damage Indiana wetlands, passed the House earlier this week with a vote of 58-37. The Senate author of the bill, Sen. Victoria Spartz dissented from House changes to the bill. We will be there if/when the conference committee occurs early this coming week.


Since the General Assembly plans to adjourn sine die (meaning we’re done until next year) by Wednesday, things will move rather quickly this coming week.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lindsay Shipps Haake & Kerwin Olson

Government Affairs

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