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2021 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 1


Things look a little different at the Legislature this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. While the procedural steps of the 2021 legislative session will look generally the same as years before, necessary COVID-19 safety protocols have been put in place which may curb the public’s ability to access their legislators and participate in the process. We spoke with the Statehouse File about our concerns earlier this week. You can read the report here.


The first day of session was January 4th and for session days this year the House will be meeting in the Government Center South and the Senate will be meeting in their Chambers in the Statehouse. This week was dominated by concerns of COVID-19 protocols and legislative priorities by each caucus. A legislative priority of the House and Senate Republicans was heard on Wednesday, including Senate Bill 1, Civil Immunity Related to COVID-19. 


By the end of Week One, CAC was tracking a handful of bills, but we are still waiting for many priority bills to be posted on the legislative website. Be sure to frequently check our website for our bills lists and updates.


Once again, our staff in the Statehouse will be our Executive Director Kerwin Olson and our Program Organizer Lindsay Haake.


Items upcoming this week

  • Committees have begun to appear on the calendar for next week—including a meeting of the House Utilities Committee which will discuss House Bill 1191, a bill seeking to prevent local governments from (1) prohibiting a utility from furnishing the use of any energy resource based on the energy source, and (2) prohibiting  a utility customer from purchasing utility service based on the energy source. This would include the use of traditional resources like coal, gas, and nuclear, as well as renewable resources like solar and wind. This bill is a response to the efforts that some cities and towns have taken to ban natural gas hook-ups in new construction as a response to climate change.


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Respectfully submitted,

Kerwin Olson & Lindsay Haake 

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