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2021 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 10


After two weeks of slow movement forward, the Legislature began hearing more substantive bills this week, with the Senate debating the limitation of Gubernatorial powers during emergencies (House Bill 1123) and police reform (House Bill 1006). In addition to those high profile bills, the Senate Utilities Committee heard House Bill 1449, a bill aimed at expanding broadband access. Portions of Sen. Andy Zay’s SB377 were incorporated into HB1449. 


Upcoming This Week

  • Monday morning we will be attending the House Committee on Environmental Affairs to monitor legislation being heard and the House Utilities Committee which will be hearing Senate Bill 386. SB386 is Indiana’s first attempt at securitization, or financing capital recovery with a bond repaid in utility bills. Unfortunately, SB386 gets it dreadfully wrong. Despite being sold as bill which will save customers money, the legislation only promises to increase utility bills by sticking consumers with a surcharge on their monthly bills for the next 15 years, while delivering the utility and their investors a truckload of cash. Nothing in the bill guarantees that consumers will save anything. The bill is likely to be amended and voted upon next week as Monday’s hearing will likely be testimony only.
  • The Senate Appropriations Committee will begin discussing the state’s biennial budget this week. 
  • We are still awaiting news as to whether the Wetlands deregulation bill, Senate Bill 389, or the bill that slashes transit funding, Senate Bill 141, will receive a hearing. Take action on these two bills by contacting your State Representative to vote no on both.


A Reminder

To follow these bills in real time, make sure you follow us on Twitter. We tweet throughout the week as to the progress of bills we mention in our reports and on our own Indiana General Assembly Bill Watch website.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lindsay Haake & Kerwin Olson

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