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2020 Redistricting & Good Government Bill Watch List

CAC is committed to reforming the redistricting process in an effort to ensure fair and transparent elections and a functioning democracy where voters choose their politicians, not the other way around. We have a real shot to get redistricting standards passed this session, so please contact your state legislators about this issue, which is pivotal to preserving democracy in our state! You can find more information about how to contact your legislators on our 2020 Indiana General Assembly page


Good Bills:


SB87: Redistricting Standards

Authors: Sen. Greg Taylor (D)

Status: In the Senate Elections Committee

Position: CAC supports this bill


Establishes redistricting standards for congressional and state legislative districts. Provides that the initial proposed plans for congressional and state legislative districts must comply with the redistricting standards. Allows the general assembly, during the process by which the initial proposed plans become effective by being enacted as a law, to consider and adopt modifications to the initial proposed plans that deviate from the redistricting standards as long as the reason or reasons for each deviation are publicly explained and documented. Provides that as much as feasibly possible no district may be created so as to unduly favor any person or political party. Provides that the general assembly shall: (1) take all steps necessary to ensure that the procedures are in place to provide the public with redistricting data and computer software for drawing maps; and (2) create a process for the public to submit maps to the general assembly for consideration.



Updated: 1/15/20

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