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2016 Indiana General Assembly: Agriculture Bill Watch List


SB15: Fresh Food Initiative

Authors: Sen. Randall Head (R)Sen. James Merritt (R)Sen. Jon Ford (R)Sen. Travis Holdman (R)Sen. Jean Breaux (D)Sen. Mark Stoops (D)Sen. Lonnie Randolph (D)

Sponsors: Rep. Julie Olthoff (R)Rep. Steven Davisson (R)Rep. Robin Shackleford (D)Rep. Justin Moed (D)

Status: Signed into law by Gov. Pence


Position: CAC supports this bill

Description: Establishes the food desert grant and loan program within the state department of health's division of nutrition and physical activity to assist new businesses, existing businesses, and other legal entities to offer fresh and unprocessed foods within a food desert. Defines "food desert". Requires the division to establish: (1) criteria for awarding grants and making loans under the program; and (2) terms and conditions for recipients of the grants and loans. Provides that the recipient of a grant or loan: (1) may use the proceeds only to acquire, repair, or renovate property or equipment to be used in offering fresh and unprocessed foods within a food desert; and (2) shall not use the proceeds to acquire food to be sold. Establishes the food deserts fund for purposes of awarding grants and loans under the program.


HB1077: Healthy Food Financing

Authors: Rep. Robin Shackleford (D), Rep. Vanessa Summers (D), Rep. Steven Davisson (R), Rep. Ronald Bacon (R)

Status: Died in the House Ways and Means Committee


Position: CAC supports this bill

Description: Establishes a healthy food financing fund and healthy food financing under the administration of the Indiana housing and community development authority (IHCDA). Provides that the purpose of the fund is to provide financing in the form of loans or grants for projects that increase the availability of fresh and nutritious food in underserved communities, including financing for retailers to open, renovate, or expand grocery stores.


HB1099: Genetically engineered food

Author: Rep. Clyde Kersey (D)

Status: Died in the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee

Position: CAC supports this bill

Description: Provides that any food that is offered for retail sale will be considered misbranded, for purposes of the law prohibiting the misbranding of food, if the food was or may have been entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering and this is not disclosed in a certain manner. Makes the violation of a prohibition a Class A infraction. Authorizes the state department of health or any person to bring a civil action to enjoin a violation.


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