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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 6

The legislature reached the halfway point of the session on Wednesday—marking the deadline for final action on introduced bills.  Both the Senate and the House worked to advance their bills through third reading by their deadlines. The House completed their third readings on Monday night and the Senate completed all of their third readings by Wednesday night.


Of the 895 total bills that were introduced this year, 172 were passed in the Senate and 130 were passed in the House, with a total of 302 bills getting through their first chamber. The remaining 593 bills failed to progress and are no longer under consideration.


CAC will continue following legislation which survived the halfway point— most of those bills relate to broadband internet service, water and wastewater utilities, and our hallmark issue of redistricting reform. Follow along at home via our website, Facebook and/or Twitter.


On Monday the Senate passed the redistricting bill, Senate Bill 326 with a vote of 42-6. Still missing from bill is the discussion regarding who makes redistricting decisions in the future. While the bill is a step in the right direction, leaving the bill as is will ensure the fox remains in charge of the redistricting henhouse at the legislature, yet again. The House now has the opportunity to do the right thing with this bill.


Also moving out of the Senate was Senate Bill 207 which sets guidelines for Homeowners’ Associations when crafting covenants’ treatment of solar panels. The bill moved out of the Senate 36-12 and awaits a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.


Upcoming Next Week

During the second half of the session the process essentially begins where it started, albeit with fewer bills in play. Committee hearings will begin on bills passed by the opposite chamber (Senate bills heard in House committee and vice versa). Floor action on bills will be modest until a volume of legislation passes out of committees and is eligible for Second and Third Readings.


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Lindsay Shipps & Kerwin Olson
Government Affairs


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