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2018 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 1

Welcome to the first weekly report designed to inform CAC board and staff, as well as CAC members and the general public regarding our activities and work during the 2018 Indiana General Assembly. 


The 2018 legislative session is the "short" session during which a wide array of topics, other than the biennial budget, may be considered by the legislature. By statute the session must be completed by March 14 compared to April 29 for the "long" session.


The first week of session kicked off January 3rd with Senate committees hearing and passing a handful of bills. By the end of Week One, CAC was tracking thirty bills including bills aimed at improving healthcare and safety net programs and consumer protections, environmental regulations, water issues, public records, legislative ethics, solar energy, and redistricting.  


Bills are still trickling in on the Clerk’s website—track them at home here. We expect them to continue appearing throughout the upcoming weeks though the deadline to file legislation in the Senate has already passed and the deadline in the House is January 9. A list of legislative deadlines can be found here.


Bills of interest to this point include HB1069 authored by Rep. Dave Ober and Rep. Ryan Hatfield which is designed to expand the net-metering grandfather period for schools and municipalities from 15 years to 20 years; SB159 authored by Sen. John Ruckelshaus, Sen. Mike Bohacek, and Sen. Jon Ford which will create an independent redistricting commission; and, SB361 authored by Sen. Ed Charbonneau will create a water infrastructure task force. 


We’ve always been part of the call for an independent redistricting commission and this summer we helped craft an expanded coalition of organizations called All in for Democracy. This past week the group welcomed legislators back to the Statehouse, reminding them that we expect redistricting reform to be a top priority for the legislature. The IndyStar editorialized they expect it to be a top issue, too. 


Read more on redistricting here:


Items upcoming this week

  • Governor Holcomb’s State of the State address on Tuesday evening, 7pm

  • SB11 will be heard on Thursday, January 11th in the Senate Family and Children Services Committee. SB 11 removes a barrier to poverty and reentry with the elimination of the lifetime ban from SNAP (food stamps) for people who have drug convictions.


Respectfully submitted,
Kerwin Olson & Lindsay Shipps
Government Affairs


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