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Make Sure Indiana Is Open for Wind Energy Business!

The Plan Commission will be discussing Tipton County’s Comprehensive Plan. At issue is whether or not the development of wind energy will be included in future planning of economic development for Tipton County.

The Comprehensive Plan is the document that will stand as the county’s strategic vision for decades, sometimes longer. 

We need policies that accelerate the market preference for efficiency and renewables.  These represent the least cost resources for taxpayers and ratepayers.  They also create local, sustainable jobs that can’t be outsourced, that improve public health, and that protect our air and water resources in a cost-effective, responsible manner.

Now is your opportunity to tell Tipton County to enact pro-renewable, pro-growth policy!

Please come to the public hearing:

6:00 pm, Wednesday, October 16th 2013
Tipton County 4-H Building
1200 S Main Street, Tipton, IN 46072

At this meeting, the Tipton County Plan Commission will hear from you regarding Tipton County’s future in terms of energy, economic development and land use, specifically the inclusion of wind farms. Blocking proven investment in clean energy prevents critical tax revenue and new workforce development opportunities in Tipton County.

Please tell members of the Commission to say YES to wind energy and the economic benefits that come with it!

Make your voice heard! Call your Commissioners!

Mr. Mike Cline, President
Commissioner Phone: (765) 675-7921
Cell Phone: (765) 513-4424
Home: (765) 947-5383

Mr. Phil Heron, Vice President
Commissioner Phone: (765) 675-7921
Cell Phone: (765) 438-6598
Home: (765) 675-6920

Joe VanBibber, Commissioner
Commissioner Phone: (765) 675-7921
Cell Phone: 765-620-3880

For more information, contact Lindsay Shipps at


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