2021 Indiana General Assembly

The 2021 session of the Indiana General Assembly ended on Thursday April 22nd. Overall, it was a bittersweet session with some wins and some losses. However, it was incredibly refreshing to see the session end on a bi-partisan note with the near unanimous passage of the biennial State budget.




Senate Enrolled Act 386, Indiana’s first attempt at securitization, or financing capital recovery with a bond repaid in utility bills, has been signed by the Governor. CAC fought hard to secure language in the bill to protect consumers by ensuring that the bill savings promised from securitization would be realized. We appreciate being part of the conversation and that legislators heard our concerns.



CHOICE Home Care

CHOICE Home Care Funding was fully restored in the final version of the biennial budget, or House Enrolled Act 1001. CHOICE allows Hoosiers who require just a few hours of care each day to remain in their homes with part time assistance, rather than being forced prematurely into nursing homes. On countless occasions, CHOICE has been a vital service to senior citizens and people with disabilities. This is a crucial win for consumers — thank you for all of your calls and emails about CHOICE funding!



Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Thankfully, the dangerous carbon capture and storage (CCS) language (link to the language here in Sections 4 & 5 of the bill) died in the final days of the session. The language would have provided any holder of an EPA Class VI permit immunity from liability and the right to condemn private property with no notification or compensation to the property owner. This language was first added to SB373, then in the final hours of the session, it was removed from SB373 and added to HB1191. In the end, SB373 died, and the CCS language was removed from HB1191 before that passed. The language was pushed for aggressively by the developers of the Wabash Valley Resources project in West Terre Haute. Be advised, we expect the proponents of this project and CCS will return. CAC will remain vigilant.




Ban the [natural gas hookup] Ban

Unfortunately, House Enrolled Act 1191, the awful “ban the ban” bill, passed and is heading to the Governor's desk. HEA1191 directly interferes with communities, consumers, and developers plans for creating sustainable communities and implementing climate mitigation strategies. Furthermore, it significantly limits consumer choices and further embeds the control and influence of the monopoly utilities. 




Lastly, Senate Enrolled Act 389, the bill deregulating Indiana wetlands passed and is heading to the Governor's desk. He has stated his disapproval in the past. CAC joined fellow advocates to deliver a letter signed by more than 100 coalition partners asking Governor Holcomb to veto the bill. Once the Governor officially receives the bill, he’ll have up to ten days to either veto or sign the bill. If the bill does not receive either action, it becomes law without the Governor’s signature after ten days has elapsed.

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2021 Redistricting Information 

This year, the legislature will be redrawing Congressional and state legislative district maps using the same format as past years. Since the Indiana General Assembly has refused to create a Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw fair and impartial district maps, we're planning to do it ourselves, along with the other member organizations of the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting.


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